Pleasant memories

I am very happy I joined (Italiafrelst) to visit Italy.

We vere met at the airport in Rome and had sightseeing on the way to the nice hotel for our visit..  It was small and cosy and we easily  got    in contact with the other guests.  I am not a «citygirl» and I really appreciated the rural surroundings. We even had fresh eggs for breakfast from hens strolling outside in the garden.

The  first 3 days we went by car, and the last 3 days we did some bicycling.  The scenery is just beautiful with the rolling hills and  little towns.  Poppies and roses were clourful decorations. We started with an italianlesson in Orvieto which was useful. Since Italy has a long history we visited several churches and museums.  We also tasted lovely Italian food and wine. We enjoyed winetasting at one small and one large producer. Bicycling was excellent both for exercise and getting close to nature.  It was perfectly acceptable to walk the steepest parts.  I do hope I can return one day in the future since there is so much more to see and experience.